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My second portrait of the simply beautiful and powerful Polar Bear titled 'Impressive Polar II' is the second of three gaphite polar bear portraits that  I will be completing.   Sadly their habitat is warming and melting due to climate change, which they depend on to use as a platform for life, sitting on it to capture prey that pops up in the gaps that are there, using it to travel to new areas and finding seal dens, and are sadly now classed as 'Vulnerable' which is beyond sad. £10 from each of the 50 prints will be donated to Polar Bears International, whose amazing work will hopefully add to many other organisations in trying to stop this from happening.


The portrait has been printed onto Fine Art paper, acid free and archival watercolour inkjet paper. It is a watercolour surface texture with a 100% alpha cellulose, premium matte inkjet coating, archival standards guaranteed, using museum quality archival pigment ink that will last at least 100 years plus. The paper enables you to see every pencil mark that you would expect from the original artwork.

Each print will be personally signed, numbered by me and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Each Print is mounted in Conservation Mount-board, to help protect the artwork, and are 1400 micron (1.4mm) thick and have a crisp 45 degree bevel on the inner edge, with backboard and bag.


Limited Edition Print run of 50 Only (mounted to 16" x 20")


Price include postage and packaging

Many thanks

Impressive Polar II

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