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The second of a set of Vulture compilations, which I honestly just loved completing again.  Vultures are a Keystone species, but have sadly suffered catastrophic and unprecedented population declines, mainly because of poison, with four species now Critically Endangered.  Vultures do the dirty work of cleaning up after death, helping to keep ecosystems healthy as they act as natural carcass recyclers, they are natures clean up crew.

I wanted to complete a portrait that simply showed their beauty, as they are often thought of as 'ugly' or 'grotesque'.


The portrait has been printed onto Fine Art mould-made, acid free watercolour inkjet paper.  It is a watercolour surface texture with a 100% alpha cellulose, premium matte inkjet coating, archival standards guaranteed, using museum quality archival pigment ink that will last at least 100 years plus. The paper enables you to see every pencil mark that you would expect from the original artwork.


Limited Edition of only 50 A3 (mounted to 16" x 20")


£10.00 from each print will be donated to VulPro.


VulPro collects injured vultures from all over South Africa, undertaking ground breaking veterinary treatment and rehabilitation initiatives to give each vulture that comes into our care, a second chance and the best possible hope for survival and release (VulPro.com)



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