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'Just watching ...' is a one-off Orangutan portrait in graphite.  I simply wanted to highlight their beauty and baby innocence but again, to fade away the image to show just what we are losing through our actions. 


These amazing, gentle creatures share 97% of our DNA yet are on the brink of extinction due to deforestation as well as the horrific trading of wild animals, particularly in the Asian countries.  After attending the 'Eyes of the Orangutan' filming in London, which still haunts me to this day, and watching the inexcusable and horrendous acts done to these beautiful animals I want to help the amazing #bosfoundation and #bos_uk  as much as I am able. 


Simply being aware of how an animal is portraid within an image online and not 'liking' or 'sharing';  watching animals performing acts that are simply done for our entertainment; riding animals, particularly elephants, simply for a day out; attending animal circuses to watch them complete tricks or entertain in a boxing ring!  are all things that everyone can help stop doing to end these horrific acts and just thinking about what that animal has, and is, going through simply for a 'photo opportunity' is one step towards ending their suffering.


The portait is Unmounted/Unframed (this can be done and would only charge what I am charged).  

The portrait is signed and dated by myself, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

50% of the sale is being donated to the Bos Foundation to help them keep up with their amazing and vital work.

Price include special delivery postage and packaging
Many thanks

Just watching ... ORIGINAL

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