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'Siberian Beauty' is the first, of what will be, a quite a few Tiger drawings.  I honestly just love these cats, their power, beauty and amazing tenderness.  It is simply saddening and sickening that there are now less than 4,000 of these cats left in the wild, making them one of the most endangered of the big cat species.  What a sad world it would be to live in without these beautiful cats, something I hope to never see in my lifetime. 


Simply being aware of how an animal is portraid within an image online and not 'liking' or 'sharing';  watching animals performing acts that are simply done for our entertainment; riding animals, particularly elephants, simply for a day out; attending animal circuses or cuddling baby cats to have photos taken  are all things that everyone can help stop doing to end these horrific acts and just thinking about what that animal has, and is, going through simply for a 'photo opportunity' is one step towards ending their suffering.


The portrait has been printed onto Fine Art mould-made, acid free watercolour inkjet paper.  It is a watercolour surface texture with a 100% alpha cellulose, premium matte inkjet coating, archival standards guaranteed, using museum quality archival pigment ink that will last at least 100 years plus. The paper enables you to see every pencil mark that you would expect from the original artwork.

Each print will be personally signed, numbered by me and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Each Print is mounted in conservation Mount-board, to help protect the artwork, and are 1400 micron (1.4mm) thick and have a crisp 45 degree black bevel on the inner edge, with backboard and bag.


£10 from each print will be donated to the #bornfreefoundation
Limited Edition Print run of   50 Only   

50 Only at  A3 (mounted to 16" x 20")


Price include postage and packaging
Many thanks

Siberian Beauty

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